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The first Oktoberfest was held in Germany to celebrate the wedding of Ludwig of Bavaria and Princess Theresa of 17 October 1810 Mr. with horse racing. All citizens of Munich were invited to the celebration.

Since then, Oktoberfest has been celebrated every year, gradually changing its original form. With the passage of time on the meadows near the city, known as the meadows of Theresia, stalls began to line up, and at the end of the 19th century, the first beer halls appeared. People also enjoyed various games such as tree climbing and sack jumping.

Oktoberfest takes its modern form in 1896, when a local businessman pitches huge tents, in which the celebrants drank tons of beer. Since then, it has been the focus of the event. Today, local brewers prepare a special beer for the holiday - "vase", which is stronger than normal. It is drunk in the traditional Oktoberfest one-liter mugs, called "mass", complemented by the characteristic beer appetizers - pretzels, sausages, sauerkraut and other delicacies from traditional German cuisine such as roast chickens, pork knuckle and typical Bavarian delicacies.

Dressed in traditional costumes, participants in this beer fiesta, have fun to the sounds of traditional Bavarian music, along with the millions of tourists, visiting Germany during the Oktoberfest period, especially because of the holiday. Today it is one of the most widely celebrated and begins 16 days before the first Sunday of October.

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